Real-time counselors to serial entrepreneurs and their ventures.

We, the attorneys of McNaul Ebel’s Emerging Companies Practice, meet the needs of next-generation technology companies at the 24/7 breakneck pace of the serial entrepreneurs who lead them. Our lawyers include a national thought leader on the startup financing ecosystem, a seasoned M&A deal closer, and an up-and-coming star of the international video game bar. In the course of our practice, we have the proactive support of our firm’s litigators to protect the IP and other interests of our clients.

Day in, day out, we counsel our clients on real-time opportunities and business-critical decisions. In the life-cycle of a given venture, we are likely to handle: the process of founders detaching from prior companies and dealing with restrictive covenants; SAFE, convertible note, and preferred stock financings; negotiations, strategic alliances and legal agreements that bear on the development and implementation of bespoke business models; and the protection and commercialization of IP. And we are typically there to counsel our clients at their chosen exits. We leverage our knowledge of deal flow to drive transactions and optimize advantages for our clients.

We represent emerging companies in VR, robotics, gaming, fintech, and other integrated web services.

Emerging Companies TEAM