McNaul Ebel is proud of its record of representing people of color, women, and immigrants in cases alleging discrimination and retaliation. At the same time, the movement arising from George Floyd’s tragic death in Minneapolis has forced us to acknowledge the privilege we enjoy as a law firm, and that some of us enjoy as individuals. Many of us do not know what it’s like to endure racism and other forms of insidious discrimination. Going forward as a firm, we are committed to listening, learning, and taking action. 

In reflecting on what we as a law firm can do better, we have made significant donations to Rainier Scholars (, a program that offers a pathway to college graduation for hard-working, low-income students of color. We plan to sustain our financial support of this and other local organizations working toward racial justice and equality, and to look for additional opportunities to make a difference. 

Within our firm, we have committed ourselves to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome multiple approaches and points of view. We believe diversity drives creativity and success. So we’re striving to build a culture where difference is valued.

In America, the playing field has never been even. For too long, discrimination and systemic racism have been ignored and downplayed. Privilege has allowed some Americans to ignore that reality. But we can no longer do so. The stakes are too high, and the damage too great. We can and must do better.