McNaul Ebel is pleased to announce that Alex Hecker will be sharing his experience advising video game companies at PAX Dev and PAX West this week:

The next generation of game distributors are offering not just increasingly favorable terms to developers, some are also offering game streaming platforms, rather than relying on physical or digital media sales. This panel will focus on the panelists’ experiences negotiating these deals on behalf of developers, in particular the following aspects of such deals: the duration of distribution, pricing, post-launch commitments, net revenue calculations, and transactional vs. subscription sales models.

We’re a group of video game enthusiasts who happen to be lawyers.  We met through our shared passion for gaming, and have spoken at PAX events for years about legal topics near and dear to our digital passtime. We can lead the talk (influencer advertising, loot crates, IP law, corp stuff, trademarks, etc) if nobody’s brave, but we’d love to answer YOUR questions on video game and law topics interesting to you. (Note: We can’t give legal advice; we aren’t insured for that! Hypotheticals, people!)